Living with an English family is an ideal way to use what you have learned in the classroom in a practical way. It is also a great way to learn more about English people and their way of life. At Spencer School we try to use families within 15 minutes walking distance from the school but cannot always guarantee this especially during the busy summer months. All host families are inspected by our accommodation department and no agencies are used. There are three main options for students choosing host family accommodation:

  • Half Board Single Room (£124 a week) - A private room with breakfast and dinner provided by the host family. Lunches are provided at weekends but not during the week.
  • Half Board Shared Room (£94 a week) - A room shared with another Spencer School student with breakfast and dinner provided by the host family. Lunches are provided at weekends but not during the week and please note that with the small class sizes at our School this option may not always be available.
  • Executive half board single room (£184 a week). These are usually larger better equipped rooms with en-suite facilities. Lunches are provided at weekends but not during the week.

We would advise students who like more privacy to choose a single room. For students looking to practise their English with a roommate you may prefer a shared room.


Other Accommodation Options

Although we think that staying with a host family is an ideal way to develop further your English language skills, we understand that some students may prefer alternative accommodation such as:

  • Budget hotels which may have a breakfast and evening meal option
  • Bedsits which have a private room in a guesthouse usually with a communal bathroom
  • Room in a shared house maybe with breakfast but no evening meal. These usually have superior room quality and may have en-suite facilities but are more costly than a host family at about £30/£40 per day.

Price and availability of the above are subject to length of stay and time of year, so please contact us for further information if you are interested.


About Your Host Family

A host family will offer a friendly welcome with explanation and advice on directions and getting about. Facilities for washing and ironing (or your hosts may do it for you) are provided but the weekly accommodation charge includes one clothes wash per week, and your hosts may charge extra for more than one wash. You can also come and go as you please and will be given a front door key.

In return you should be considerate and remember that you are staying in someone's home, not in a hotel, and not to smoke in the house if you are staying in non-smoking accommodation. It is polite to let your hosts know if you won't be home or late for dinner, or if you intend to stay out until late at night.

Most importantly, please remember that you are here to learn and to enjoy yourself and many students make good long term friends with their host families.

Special diets e.g. vegetarian, gluten-free, etc. can be provided but there may be an additional cost for this. All such requirements must be stated on the Enrolment Form.