To enrol on a course with Spencer School you need to follow these steps:

  1. Request an Enrolment Form which we will send as an email attachment (or can be sent by post). Please look at the copy of this so you can see what details are needed as without these we cannot register your application

  2. Complete and return the Enrolment Form to us

  3. Spencer School will then register your application

  4. When Spencer School have registered your application we will ask you for a deposit of £250 (£199 for English for Nurses Course) and send payment details which can be either by Bank Transfer (please note you will be responsible for any bank charges incurred) or Payment by PayPal which will incur a charge of 3 to 3.75%. You can use the secure PayPal method with any credit or debit card or from a PayPal account if you have one. The actual % charge will be dependent on which country and currency you are using.

  5. Upon receipt of your deposit Spencer School will confirm your course booking and send you a Certificate of Enrolment with your course dates and details together with the Self Evaluation Assessment Test (SEAT) for you to complete

  6. 21 days before your course starts we will request the balance of fees including any transfer costs from your arrival point, and ask you to return the completed SEAT

  7. Upon receipt of the course fee balance, we will send you details of the accommodation booked, and transfer pick-up details if you have booked transport with us

The process could be carried out completely on online from the start but we know from experience there are usually queries, clarification, etc, at each stage so we think it best to answer these as we go along. It is Spencer School policy to make things as easy as possible for our students and to ensure they get the best service