Our Courses

Our courses are for mature students age 21+ who really want to improve their English, but we know that many potential nurses from overseas may wish to benefit and so those over 18 years of age are welcome.


Intensive Small Group Courses

The course is for intermediate level but will also benefit pre-advanced students. We can arrange courses tailored for advanced and proficient students so please call us.

Another thing that sets us apart is that we personalise your individual need to ensure it has the right content, and is at the right learning level. To do this, we assess your language level before you arrive, and ask for any particular business English or other needs.

Many schools do analysis and testing at the start of a course which takes up valuable time, but the Spencer School does this before you arrive. We will send you a questionnaire which must be completed without reference to other people, teaching materials, dictionaries, etc, so we have a clear picture of your standard of English and specific needs. The questionnaire takes about one hour to complete and must be sent to us at least two weeks before your course commences so we can assess your CEFR level – click tab ‘Teaching Policy’ for more details.

If you are uncertain you are up to intermediate standard please contact us for the online proficiency ‘quick check’.

Arrival is usually on a Sunday (although other times can be arranged to meet travel needs) and courses start at 8.30 Monday to Friday with three hours tuition per day and a split break of thirty minutes. In addition you will have one hour of personal tuition per week, which can be extended as required. You can also expect to be given homework to prepare in the evenings and on which we will comment in class and in your private lesson.

Yes – you will work hard! But you are here to improve greatly your level of English and the course will be fun and enjoyable.

The pre-course questionnaire will be used as a basis for your coursework, another reason why you must complete it honestly and without any external help. We will re-test you with the questionnaire after two weeks to assess progress and see where improvements need to be made. At the end of your course you will receive a Personal Learning Programme (PLP) to take home with you and reinforce what you have learnt, and to help continue your studies.

You will be in a small group of other non-native speakers and possibly socialise with them which will give constant speaking practice during lesson breaks, and the time to discuss various language aspects you may not understand or find difficult.

Spencer School can develop courses for your specific needs for a longer stay e.g. two months plus. This could for example, be a combination of the Small Group Course, individual lessons and a period of home stay. We can arrange this either before you arrive or when you are here.

We will do whatever is necessary to make your course personal to your requirements to ensure the very best improvement in your level of English.


English in Medicine Course

These courses are suitable for doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, students of medicine and other professionals working in the medical sector.

People from different cultures often find communication difficulties especially in medicine where correct understanding is vital. What is often referred to as ‘bedside manner’ which is putting patients at ease in order to best find out their problems, is as vital a skill as medical knowledge. The highest level of medical knowledge is of little or use if you cannot communicate with the patient.

Your one hour private lesson will focus on medical matters and further one hour session each day will reinforce your understanding.

Please note that we are not clinical medical specialists, but will tutor you in communication skills for the medical environment.


English for Foreign Nurses

Many nurses from overseas are being recruited by the NHS. Your clinical qualifications may be good but do you really understand the culture and fully understand patient’s responses especially the elderly and children.

Our course will assist you in this communication learning curve to help lessen any possible lack of understanding with patient responses.


Historic and cultural tours

Whatever your interest, be it history, arts, architecture, World War 2, the fine local beers produced in the hop growing centre of England, or even ghostly trips to haunted and supernatural places, we can provide an experience for you in Kent.

Discover the AD 43 Roman landing place soldiers camped to spread their Empire throughout Britain, the site where St Augustine landed in AD 597 to spread Christianity. The longship that brought the Saxon mercenaries Horsa and Hengist to invade Britain, and the 18th century Napoleonic War embarkation points for soldiers and supplies.

Not to mention the home of the greatest Pre-Raphaelite treasures including stained glass and paintings, the largest network of World War 2 tunnels in the world, a Maritime Museum of sunken galleons and sea going heritage, and much, much, more.

If you want to improve your English language skills our ‘Look and Learn’ tours are for you, with visits to sites and subjects accompanied by a qualified guide.
This is really the finest ‘Personal Learning Experience’ for improving your English outside of the classroom, and having fun at the same time.
You won’t be disappointed


Other Courses

We do not offer special courses for Cambridge or IELTS – why? Simply because our experience shows that the knowledge required for these will be covered in the course we provide and at no additional cost to you. We always check progress with practical tests, and develop any special skills or needs you have.

Business English is an essential need for mature students and this will be included in your course, also a lot of your work will be based on IELTS test questions.

We are developing other courses which are not available at present but please let us know if you have an interest in them or any other special areas of interest:

  • Under 25 – Au Pair Course
  • All Ages –  Home Stay Tuition
  • Summer Camp Cultural and Sports Courses